■ Joining fee

  ¥30,000 +tax(\33,000 )

  Our joining fee includes, orientation and free personal training 45min.×2

  We make sure that you start training by understanding not only our club rules,

  but features of cloud system and how to use equipments.

  Also, by using free personal training,we hope you enjoy and feel the effect of training.

  ※ Free personal training is available at any time.(prior reservation essential)

  ※We offer affordable pricing for fee-charging personal training. (¥1,650 per 30min.)

■ Monthly fee

  ¥12,000 +tax(\13,200 )

■ option

     ◆Contract locker  ¥1,500+tax (\1,650)

     ◆All rental   ¥3,600+tax (\3,960)

    (T-shirt,Pants,Shoes,Big Towel,Small towel)

■ Personal training

   ※Reservation systemorientation

   30 minutes ¥1,500+tax (\1,650)

   45 minutes ¥2,250+tax(\2,475)

   60 minutes ¥3,000+tax(\3,300)

■ Rental item

   T-shirt ¥500+tax (\550)

   Pants   ¥500+tax (\550)

   Shoes  ¥500+tax (\550)

   Big Towel  ¥500+tax (\550)

   Small towel ¥500+tax (\550)

   ※We sell socks.